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Mason College is a Registered Training Organisation with accredited course in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Business Administration, Hospitality, Business Management.

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The team at Mason College specialise in the provision and management of private sector training & development.  Our trainers are industry representatives some of whom have a high profile in their industry of experience.  You can’t go wrong, when your trainer is working in your field and if they have been recognised for their achievements in that field.  Success breeds success and this is a core benefit of training with Mason College. read more

To discuss your needs call us on +61-8-84434737 or email enrolments@masoncollege.com.au


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Looking for a trained, skilled Employee? Trainees seeking work? Trainees seeking Apprenticeships? Fantastic government rebates if you take on an apprentice chef. We have them. Why not give us a call. We have trained and partially trained Chefs and Patissiers, Hospitality trainee and accounting people looking for work. Phone now.